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Well having a sophisticated gadget but not using it is like having amount in the bank but not using it for any purpose. You could rather think of it as having meal served but not interested to eat it. When you do not have the necessity to use every feature of a device then why buy such an advanced model. You could rather get the model that is more apt for your requirement. If you are planning to use it for commercial purpose then it does not mean that you should buy the feature rich model of the Thermal Imaging Camera .

Well, you could just buy the lower version that could capture images of the best resolution. If the images are recognizable that would suffice the need of the residential users. How many colours it could display would on the screen when the variations are identified by the device and whether you could automatically have the device controlling the sensor when the temperature limit crosses or whether you should be doing such activities manually would decide on the cost versus effort required for operating this type of camera.

It is enough that the thermal images have clarity in them thus enabling the study that is to be performance by an engineer or scientist who is working on some concept and trying to materialize the concept into facts and prove the same to the rest of the world. For such extensive capturing usage, it is required that huge number of images be captured over a night or a day or for a week. This is possible when you buy the camera that could store as high as 10000 images. Storing these many images is possible with the 4GB SD card that comes with the camera that you buy online. So, do thorough investigation before you make a final decision.